Shooting Star…

Everytime we traced the same path

You camouflaged your pain with a comforting smile

Yet the purity of our bond 

Melts the hardened past that rots in you

Reflects the lost ways you try to embrace

But today, I want to lock on my love for you

All I command from you is a lifelong promise

Not your happiness, but all your pains, I wish be mine

I can’t mend your days

And I won’t shadow your pain

Instead I will wear your pain on my shoulders

As a badge of honour, I would embellish with my blood

Don’t worry, I will not loose myself in this drive

For these scars, won’t fade me away

Rather they will emblazon me in the sky

All I want is to captivate the hollowness in you

For that, I will always endure as your shooting star

Your wishes would rest in…


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