Fear of separation

Today, instead of melting down myself to adoration

I would harden myself to complaint

Although for the world you carry this wide smile

Yet your eyes that stare at mine

Reflect your fear of separation and years of exile

All I crave for is your trust

But I myself doubt, if I the vaguest of all

Could really mend the purest soul

If I won’t be able to mend

I assure you, I will take away with me all your pain

Don’t worry, your pain won’t bother me

I will smile all through as every single wave would wash me

Because I know, you will be there at the seashore

Building castle of your dreams, with every bit of mine

All throughout my journey, from elation to ashes 

I will strive for your dreams

Then be it through my life or loss of it.

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The part of you that still resides in me needs to be killed,

And the part of me that yells for you, needs to be buried alive.

Shooting Star…

Everytime we traced the same path

You camouflaged your pain with a comforting smile

Yet the purity of our bond 

Melts the hardened past that rots in you

Reflects the lost ways you try to embrace

But today, I want to lock on my love for you

All I command from you is a lifelong promise

Not your happiness, but all your pains, I wish be mine

I can’t mend your days

And I won’t shadow your pain

Instead I will wear your pain on my shoulders

As a badge of honour, I would embellish with my blood

Don’t worry, I will not loose myself in this drive

For these scars, won’t fade me away

Rather they will emblazon me in the sky

All I want is to captivate the hollowness in you

For that, I will always endure as your shooting star

Your wishes would rest in…

Final abode

The way you hold my hand

The way your whisper tugs at my heart strings

When you say, you will never let me go

Not happiness but sudden silence veils my soul

For I fear, what if not I but destiny decides to take me away

“Where?”, you yell!

“The place only demised one knows”

What a better cure to my tears than your hug be

And All I would do is to joke away all of it

Yet, these fears still reside in me

There in my final place, I would ask God for one final thing

Just bless him with a reason to smile without me

Still, I will keep my promise to never leave you

For I will endure in that memorable corner of your heart, that will always beat for me.


She felt it was only her heart

That still beats for him, even if they are miles apart.

She felt it was only her mind

That still speaks of him, just to let his talks rewind.

She felt it was only her veins

That crave to carry all his pain.

But the veil of silence eclipsed that so was the case miles away…

Earth still peeps for the moon.

Door of my heart

I had the door of my heart locked

With the key buried into the darker depths

To bar you from conquering

Yet, what cure can it do

When it was my soul that you sailed through…

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