Fear of separation

Today, instead of melting down myself to adoration

I would harden myself to complaint

Although for the world you carry this wide smile

Yet your eyes that stare at mine

Reflect your fear of separation and years of exile

All I crave for is your trust

But I myself doubt, if I the vaguest of all

Could really mend the purest soul

If I won’t be able to mend

I assure you, I will take away with me all your pain

Don’t worry, your pain won’t bother me

I will smile all through as every single wave would wash me

Because I know, you will be there at the seashore

Building castle of your dreams, with every bit of mine

All throughout my journey, from elation to ashes 

I will strive for your dreams

Then be it through my life or loss of it.

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I wonder! which colour do I hold to people?

Like the moon with the stream

Like the fireflies with the twilight

People with their glory;

Fade away with the morning shine!

But to the spines you walk

In the yard of gravel and honey

There are roses of topaz that bloom!

And a note to inner me

Like the church bell ringing in the distance

Amidst the lovely woods; dark and deep

You will come more to self-realization

With utter solitude and deep peace.

Alone! On the terrace you stand

Incomplete you might seem

Amidst the brutal storm and swallowing stream.

But, Dear!

Incomplete is just a perception to human eyes

When you will not crave for their hands anymore

All rough and sweet!

Along with you, just the silent yells!

Yells of the promise you made to the ruby throated bird in you.

The first time I met you.

The first time I met you

I wanted to tell you

How deep your eyes are

As the restless belated night.

The first time I met you

I wanted to tell you

Your soul; it beholds a falling red curtain behind

Which comes to realisation more with your widening smile.

The first time I met you

I wanted to tell you

How soothing you seem to me

As the rain kissed land speaks of the wondrous meet.

The first time I met you

I wanted to tell you

That I know, our stars align

As the moonshine walks with dark time.

The first time I met you

I wanted to tell you

That I wish to be the one

To unveil the hidden you in you.


Zaya hai harr wo pal

Jisme tumko paane ki talab nhi.

Zehmat hai uss manzil mein

Jaha tumhari shaksiyat ka zikr nhi.

Fir bhi, shikwa hai Bas iss zindagi se

Jisne ek saas mein humari furquat likhi.


With the impotence I carry from the scars beneath

Day seems to be robbed of the coherence with me

Somber; is how I define the pilgrimage I walk with no supreme being.

Almighty! Why to walk a spicate path for the ashes behind

It seems to be the abode where my end lies;

Where my resilience shivers to walk the darker greens,

Where my disposition clamors to melt in the moment indeed.


I want to get lost;

Away from everything,

In the veiled world beyond!

Where seemingly blithesome roses won’t carry spines

Where seemingly Brumal moon would be my hearth

Where seemingly abubble stars would stay silent and listen to me

Where seemingly incoherent winds would whisper sweet nothings

And where my seemingly dead thoughts would breathe as me,

Because only then will I be found.


You look so soothing as ever

And it is hard for me to look away

I just wish to fix my gaze forever

All I want is to come back home,

And hold you closer.

Dear, look how far we have come up

With you, I see everyday getting better

It’s our love that attunes us together.

Oh! We shall stay this way, until we’re grey

It won’t be a sin.

I am gonna love you

Till my breaths give out.

Despite breaths, I would meet you in the dark

Where, I know, you would lit me up

And where again, we would draw our hands together.


I stare at you; locked be my gaze!

Flawless and soothing your face as the moonlit night

Deep in your eyes, million stars dwell

As the winter breathes,

I want to get in your dark blue skies

For there I would meet me.

I do not envy the time, brighter than darkness

For the spark of our love adorns every low tide of it

Like the million mast lights, lit in the crimson skies.

Lighter than the shade of satin, is your smile

Bliss is what my heart perceives.

Sometimes, just a thought of us flutters by

And I wonder the perfect we!

And then…

I just stare at you; locked be my gaze!

Flawless and soothing your face as the moonlit night.

Me and my poet; Engrossed they feel.



I tail back the park lane we traced;

Realising the void left.

It’s been hardly few hours since we last met

And I promise, to never lay this stillness again.

But for one last time, could you stay?

Hold me back while you understand my silence better

And stay, until the time, in your heart;

You carry an imprint of mine.

Yet my heart rings another beat

Is it time or you, who has swayed away?

For the time in blues, homeless I feel.

Not in you, but I look for one in me.

For you don’t hold and talk anymore

Instead you silently resort to the opposite road.

Yet I know the fault lies with me

I couldn’t give you the time in paradise, others did.

But Beloved! Believe me, I tried.

Despite the faults, I would say;

We are bestowed with this ethereal time,

Always on the go!

Wrap me in your arms, tight!

And Never let me go.


For there is poetry within you, not with me.

Your melodious laugh, an elixir to my dismal time; alliteration.

Your eyes speak of your love more than your words do, hyperbola.

And your smile hides the million verses and insurmountable pain, metaphor.

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