Fear of separation

Today, instead of melting down myself to adoration

I would harden myself to complaint

Although for the world you carry this wide smile

Yet your eyes that stare at mine

Reflect your fear of separation and years of exile

All I crave for is your trust

But I myself doubt, if I the vaguest of all

Could really mend the purest soul

If I won’t be able to mend

I assure you, I will take away with me all your pain

Don’t worry, your pain won’t bother me

I will smile all through as every single wave would wash me

Because I know, you will be there at the seashore

Building castle of your dreams, with every bit of mine

All throughout my journey, from elation to ashes 

I will strive for your dreams

Then be it through my life or loss of it.

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She was weeping at the railway station, shouting at him, cursing her fate, for he was late and time was up.

And she has to leave.

Little did she know that, he was hard struck as well, but words didn’t come to the rescue of his pain.


I beseech your pardon,

Don’t wipe my tears.

For that is a burden

And I feel laden.

For each teardrop of mine

That you confine,

Add despondency to my heart.

Because I fear, this too shall pass

And we might part.


Since the day you walked over,

My world is not allied anymore.

For stars don’t fade away in the clear daylight,

And suns don’t seem to set in twilight.

For tranquility of moon stays whole day long

And sun doesn’t seems to loose it’s aurora anymore.

They all coexist, as we.

Fade away…

When you hold my hand tight 

I wish I could fade away in that time,

For nothing could embrace my last moment more than this.

When my head rests on your shoulder

I would love to loose myself in that time,

For nothing could ease the pain of losing breath in me.

When you hug me tight, Alchemy!

I just want to die in that time,

For nothing could make my death more magical than this.

Melodious song

It was not the ecstatic time,

But moments wiped with tears that binded us with an insurmountable bond.

It was not the celebration of each other’s happiness,

But being the one to sail through each other’s hard times that tied us with an invisible knot.

It was not our souls sunken in love,

But our souls drowned in pain that attuned as in a melodious song…


For each day with you got permanently sketched on the canvas of my memory,

 And each day without you got transiently versed in my diary.


 2 a.m, Awake!

Earphones plugged in.

Wind embracing amidst trickling.

Nothing can be more soothing than your thoughts brewed with my coffee, that keep rustling in me.


My words dissuaded you

To not caress the dismal blaze my soul was set to

Yet your audacity to suffocate the fire

Condemned us to upshots that were dire

For your ardour to emblazon my shadow

Sparked love in my dead soul that hailed from inferno

I am afraid you too would be taken aback by the flames

And this fire will compel you to leave as you came

For your would move on and I will be abandoned again

And all I would be left with are your memories, this love and what comes with it THE PAIN.

I know, I am not alone.

I keep your gifts and memories under my pillow

Because this night’s silence is disavowing and I want to listen to you.

I keep you in my heart

Because I might loose myself to time, but, I know, you will never let me go.

I keep you in my sigh

Because at times, it might be hard to breathe, but at least, I know, I am not alone.

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